Sepalcure - Needle Exchange 80


Sepalcure pretty much summed up the pinnacle of the whole UK Bass sound back in 2010 - 2012 for me. Their mixture of sugary sweet vocals and skittish percussion, with a touch of Burial-esque melancholy, just hits the right spot. This mix for SelfTitledMag back in 2011 is a masterclass in selection, and switching between starkly contrasted styles whilst adding their own flair, like the pitched up Edit of Shigeto's Remix of All Your Goodies Are Gone, that makes Mayer Hawthornes buttery vocals sound like some amazing female vocalist. And a couple of tracks that I just can't track down, which I can only assume are their own. Machinedrum and Braille clearly have a good thing going on in the studio and this mix shows their sets are just as high quality.